Monday, 6 October 2008

It’s been a really, really, really wet week.

Everyone’s been very glum and some of the other dogs have been complaining that they’re bored … but not me! I love water … I’ve had chance to splosh around in lots of muddy puddles and buckets, it’s been great fun!

I’ve had quite a few visitors this week. There’s been Paddy, a nice black lab, he’s a bit younger than me. Paddy really likes to play with sheep but his owners don’t think it’s a good idea, so he’s been over to learn some ‘sheepy’ manners. He’s done brilliantly and now would much prefer to play with his owners than the sheep.

My slinky sister Etive (aka ‘the cover girl’) came over on Sunday, I was really looking forward to running around and playing with her, but she was being a bit boring. All the other dogs were out with us so she just went into work mode … lying down and giving everyone the eye! I pounced on her at least 5 times, but she just wouldn’t play with me. Two very young cousins came with her too, Drift and Cuillin. I was helping to teach them their doggy manners, though they are really very well mannered already. I thought that Cuillin was going to play with me but when I pounced on him he did a runner! They were a little bit rude though, they pinched my favourite seat in the yard. I’m the only one who ever sits there so I was a bit miffed to see they’d clambered onto it too.

There was much excitement this morning. A man came to buy some of Sue’s sheep, and I watched Jess do a brilliant job of bringing all the sheep up the field into the pens. I’d like to be able to do that one day. Jess hasn’t lived with us for too long, it was a bit sad really as her Mum died and left 4 dogs behind. Jess is a bit glum at times but seems to have settled in well. She’s 9 years old which Sue says is great as she’s about the same age as Sue now, in human years, and they’re both as slow as each other when working sheep! Not like Dippy Dave who is learning sheep work and is rather fast at the moment.

We’ve now got to be on our best behaviour for the rest of the day as we’ve got some very special 2-legged visitors coming all the way from Oz, especially to see me I think. I hope Bliss doesn’t rush out to greet them though, she’s covered in sheep poo (she’s a very naughty girl). Bliss likes to roll in sheep poo, she seems to think she smells really lovely …


Whisp said...

Hi Mirk, I enjoyed your blog. You've got really gorgeous cousins.

Bodie said...

Hi Mirk glad you are still having fun in the wet and oh so windy weather just in from a walk with my Mum and am glad to be back at the nice warm fire.... Uncle Bodie.