Thursday, 25 September 2008

Visitors, news and our Healthy & Happy Competition

Well its been an exciting week with all sorts going on here. I had a lovely card from my cousin Mossie who is on holiday in Devon with Carol his pack leader. He's now calling himself Two Moors Moss and is getting very big headed because Carol is so proud of his good behaviour on his very first holiday. He's done the Coast to Coast walk , 106 miles over Dartmoor and Exmoor in eight days. Other than rolling in badger poo and learning that not all farm dogs are friendly he has had a really good time.

Ash has also been to visit this week and we had a play in the paddock together. His mum is a Beardie and his dad is Beinn just like mine. It seems his family is very pleased with him, he's really their blue eyed boy. He lives with a retired police dog and two cats and seems to be having a great time. He has lots of grand children to play dressing up with, he's really gentle with them and he says they are great fun.

Sue and the others at Well Balanced Pup are really happy this week because our DVD has been accepted by Made In Cumbria so we can put a sticker on it - I am supplying the licks .There have been lots of letters even some to me about how much people have enjoyed it.

Apparently I've got to do a signing at Waterstones before Christmas - don't know quite what that means. Hope I don't get too inky on my paws.

This week we've also started our new competition called "healthy and happy" just like me. Sue and co have put it on the website. You can sniff it out on the competition page.


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