Friday, 6 February 2009

Holidays and Heroes

Sorry folks not to have been in touch, I've been on holiday in Scotland ... no broadband, no heating!! In fact I had to bring the firewood off the shore!

Don't you think I look handsome?

My Dad Beinn is a hero. He found a lady and her companions on Crinkle Crags. The lady was in a bad way, stuck in ice in a gully. His human Dad, Roger, thought he was barking at a rock, until he realised it was this lady who could have easily died if Beinn hadn't been quick off the mark and found her.

Some very good news, my little cousin Cuillin (picture further down the page) has passed his registration assessment to train as a search and rescue dog. He's a very clever lad ... he's only just 7 months old. Well done Cuillin and Robbie.

Uncle Charlie (he's a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel so not my real uncle) has been trying out some yummy Yumega stuff. He's funny, he has a dual role. He's a good sort of ordinary dog who likes walks and getting muddy, etc, but he also has to look after his person who is 89 and lives in a very hot house which doesn't do Charlie's coat a lot of good. He leaves a lot of it on the carpet!! He's looking really good now 'cause he's had this oil for a couple of months, so now his coat is on him, not all over his Mum's carpet. He seems to be running down the front field faster as well and must be warmer when he's outside 'cause he's got more coat left on.

Uncle Dave's been on his holidays too, to a house in a town. He's a fast working sheepdog, not used to houses. He's been staying with his son and granddaughter and my sister and my auntie (the one who's going to Crufts). He quiet liked it 'cause everyone said that he was very handsome, but I think that I'm more handsome, but don't tell Dave I said that!

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow, apparently I've got to go for a fitting for a dog coat! How poncy is that? I'm a collie! I've got to go to Crufts as a press dog for Scout, so I've got to have a coat that says 'Press Pack' on it and 'Well Balanced Pup'. I'm no pup, I'm a grown up dog, soon to be a Dad and I hope no one presses my pack, whatever it is.

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