Saturday, 28 February 2009

Getting ready for Crufts and bath time …

We’re all getting ready for
Crufts, I’m really looking forward to it ‘cause I’m going to be there as the Well Balanced Pup – which I am of course!

Our friend Helen from
Togs for Dogs is making me a very special Well Balanced Pup Press Pack jacket to wear, so everyone will know who I am. Earlier in the week, Sue said I was looking a bit dirty and would need to have a bath because Helen was coming to visit to fit my new jacket. Sue was very busy so I thought I’d go and bath myself. Sue wasn’t very pleased … she said that I’d used the wrong bath!

Helen is going to be one of the Judges at Crufts, she’s going to judge the Italian Greyhounds … they’re a bit cleaner, and smaller, than I am!!

My Dad, Search Dog Beinn, has been busy again and has found another body on the mountains. This was a very sad find though as the person had died. He is a very clever Daddy though and I’m very proud of him. You can find out more about the brave search dogs on the
SARDA site.

My little cousin Drift has been having some arty photographs taken … ‘Drift in a drift of snowdrops’! She’s just passed her Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze Award, she’s really pleased and so is her person ‘cause she’s only young. Her ambition is to catch up her Aunty Coire, she is very clever ‘cause she’s got the Silver and the Gold Awards. You can find out about the Good Citizen Scheme

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